Dream Town Story - Detailed Guide And Tips You Should Know About

Town simulation games are a dime a dozen, and all of them appear to adhere to the same format which is appropriate for a little while, but ultimately fails to maintain participant attention. By allowing you construct your town, Dream Town Story breaks the mold of the genre. Its a game that needs hours to play. That is what makes it all the more satisfying, although it's a good deal more challenging than your town simulator. Construct a metropolis into the centers in the bottom up, and see as residents flock you create to them. Expand your land, and combine a. Compete against other cities and set your supremacy! Do not forget to browse our Dream Town Story strategy guide until you plop your construction down!


  1. Work Stat Is Crucial

When you begin your game, be sure that you receive a character which has at least 10 Function stat. To acquire this it is possible to retry several times. Possessing a Work state will guarantee you could get rid of all boulders and other debris. Clearing area for growth is. Don't despair, if, for any reason, you weren't able to acquire a character with Work stat at first. Until he's got the stats you 14, you're still able to develop an present personality. Keep building companies and buildings to be able to level your character up. In addition, you have the choice to use. Irrespective of the method be sure to make before clearing debris out of your 21, the stats you want. This is to avoid wasting time.

  1. Get More People

As soon as you've got your city based, it is going to begin filling up with people. You can reach the most capacity to your city. You'll need to boost your rank if you would like to get visitors to your city. Position up is a little more challenging in Dream Town Story. To rank up, you'll have to have the number of things. You're able to find those points. From finishing accomplishments, trophies are acquired. It could take some time, however, so as to receive those decorations out of 23, you'll have to continue playing the game.

When you're prepared to rank up, there's still yet another barrier on your way. You have to finish a struggle involving the AI's along with a face-off involving your buildings. Property worth will mostly decide this face-off's winner. Ensure that you are confident in the property value of your property before you struggle the AI.

  1. The Way to Increase Land Value

Since property value is vital to your advancement in the sport, you have to understand how to increase it. Place plenty of mix buildings and decorations if you'd like your property value to go up. A location will play an integral role in optimizing your buildings' property value. Since tourists are attracted by it by way of instance, placing buildings around Metro Stations is a fantastic idea. More visitors mean more cash. Bear in mind, your land's value does not enable you to rank up, it lets you earn cash, and attracts new residents.

  1. Complete Combo List

As we mentioned previously, among the greatest strategies to improve property value would be to put combo buildings around each other. Planning your town's design is one. If you can, place your buildings will have earnings. Combo buildings do not need to be built side by side. However, they do need to be inside the area of impact of each other. You will find more than 60 combos in the game, and we've listed them all below just for you.

Park + Lunches 2 Move + Bakery

Cakery + Creperie + Donut Shop

Supermarket + Greengrocer + Fishmonger

Music Shop + Florist + Cakery

Supermarket + 24/7 Mart + DrugStore

Coffee Shop + Shrine + Sauna

Beach home + Wharf + Fishmonger

Sport Shop + Cell Shop + PC Shop

Fishing Pond + Fishmonger + Aquarium

College + Cram School + BookStore

Game Shop + PC Shop + Game Arcade

Sushi combined + BBQ home + Pizzeria

Sauna + Spa + Spa Hotel

Boutique + Cakery + DrugStore

BookStore + Museum + Faculty

Boutique + Shoe Shop + Beautician

Hospital + DrugStore + 24/7 Mart

Spa resort + Temple + Gift Shop

Farm + Ranch + Fishing Pond

Antiques Shop + Museum + Cinema

Pet Shop + Ranch + Zoo

Arena + rollercoaster Park + Fitness

Dance Club + Casino + Tapas Bar

Pagoda + Shrine + Monument

Kairo Statue + Game Shop + Kairo Bldg

Cinema + Theme Park + Concert Hall

Aquarium + Zoo + Ranch

High-Rise + Skyscraper + Kairo Bldg

Palace + Castle + Kairo Statue

Rocket Hall + Helipad + Airport


  1. Do not Forget To Research

You can make exceptional points in different ways since you play the sport. These points may be used for procuring and study permits for constructions that were various, for example, decorations, amenities, and shops. Be certain to don't neglect your research while obtaining permits could be exciting. The companies that you research will probably open up more opportunities for you. You'll also earn points which may be used for research in addition to festivals.

  1. Unlock More Places

Unlike the majority of other city building games in which you simply cough up excessive amounts of money to unlock new places, Dream Town Story can force you to show you could manage to add another place to your own territory. What that means is that you'll be given time to achieve a milestone in the area. Then the region is unlocked should you succeed. You'll lose all of-of the buildings which you've constructed if you are not able to meet with the milestone. We've listed tips to assist you to stay away from that dreadful waste of funds.

Prepare your city for your new place. Be certain that the remainder of your city is about to confirm it before you even consider spending some funds on unlocking. Homes and roads close to the region that you would like to unlock. The place will be relying heavily upon as there will not be residents away. Gather cash to encourage development in the place that is new. You do not only need funds for companies that are new, you need to allocate budget. If you're planning to get residents in the area, ensure that your population isn't maxed out. When it's, hold off until once you position upon unlocking.

Brace yourself for the arbitrary challenge. You'll be provided a goal which you have to attain when you commence the unlock. You will be asked to accumulate a certain number of coins, or else you'll have to collect items. Collecting coins is simple since you only have to open companies to find the income. Construct around a few companies and make sure there are residents in the areas so as to satisfy with the coin requirement. However, things will probably be a bit tougher if you have the thing condition. You'll need to determine which buildings you want, although the things can be gotten from buildings. There is but you need to have the ability to find it out, should happen to be paying attention to your buildings. By way of instance, food items will come from buildings such as fast food chains and restaurants. Bags are used which means that you may anticipate a few to fall from these buildings. It takes time but if you've got the buildings that are ideal, you need to have enough to fulfill with the aim.

Utilize festivals to speed up things. Attempt to begin your right, if you can wait. There are lots of festivals each with its own outcomes, in Dream Town Story. By way of instance, the Bird Watching Festival will help get more clients for your place that is new since it is going to enable greater distances to travel for 2 months. The Bonsai Contest, on the other hand, is helpful for getting food things. The usefulness of those festivals can fluctuate as you won't understand the purpose that you will need to fulfill until after you commence the unlock. Your goal may line up with the festival that is ideal, which makes it a good deal easier for you to attain your milestones.

If, for any reason, you happen to fail in reaching the landmark, do not panic just yet. The game will let you expand your deadline. It's possible to keep stretching your deadline for as much as five weeks. It will be stressful to maintain extending, therefore it's far better to get it right the first time.

  1. Think Before Items Proceed

The sport restricts the number of times you are able to move things around in your town. This is important. If you don't purchase premium access you can transfer a maximum of 2 buildings every day. The reality is, in the event that you've been planning your city 26, just two buildings daily is sufficient, although it may be dull. Make sure that you consider of the rankings before a construction is moved by you, to prevent breaking any of the combos you have.

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  1. Discover Better Jobs For The Residents

Residents don't have unlimited cash. The need to work to earn. Bearing that in mind, you need to help your residents earn more money by finding them jobs. Constantly focus on a job to the residents. Don't be reluctant to utilize Diamonds to raise the odds of obtaining a job that is fantastic. Feel passes as a way to get tasks to your residents that you might have.

  1. Level Up Your Buildings

Buildings level up on their own, assuming that they fulfill the essential earnings and amount of consumers. The only way you'll be able to assist up buildings level would be to set them. Plop your buildings around residential areas down to make them more accessible to paying clients. Make certain that there are streets leading to permit free flow of traffic.

  1. Set The Office Buildings Strategically

Office buildings are where your residents do the job. Residents would love to operate in offices that are neighboring. Ensure that you put office buildings so that your residents would have the ability to make a great deal of money. Remember earnings to your people means more earnings for you. Avoid putting office buildings where there are no residents. Your office construction is going to wind up with zero workers, squandering earning resources in addition to potential.

That's all you want to know to be able to successfully construct the greatest city in Dream Town Story! Stick with our strategy manual, and you'll have your metropolis!