Read The Detailed Review About Golf Clash Game

Alright, before writing a review for Golf Clash, it’s important to address some blots that will be of some significance. Towards the fag end of the game, it becomes a little too unfair, one would say. For an exciting, enlivening and refreshing game like it is, it’s no less a blot on its clean record. While it never intended to rival other so called ‘proper’ games, it is definitely a blast from the past in the house of arcade sports. Everything seems fine until you discover the unfair balance it brings towards the end. It just becomes a brief distraction, but you can surely overcome that with the new golf clash cheats Players can then save themselves from not being defeated by players who’ve got more money. The tool gives you the stuff for free.

The beginning part of the game

After playing the game for some time, when you reach the final stage and you have to place the ball, you will find that the controls change or move slightly.

  • You have to pull the ball here also. However, you will need to position the same with a thing called cyan trail. It appears atop the grass.
  • Then, you will have to position a pair of arrows for getting that perfect shot.
  • Players can see the main setup gallery to understand this. Better yet, you use the game tricks.

A brief overview of golf clash and its tricks

After you’ve finished the tutorial and primary setup, a very crowded and cluttered main screen greets players.

  • The most pivotal element of the screen is the featured ‘play-golf’ button. It enbables you to choose between playing a golf match against a friend or an online player. If you don’t have any pals, you can use the online match system.
  • You can choose from different tournaments out there. All of them have an entry fee. You have to pay this fee in coins.
Focusing on currencies

Coins are one of the two prime in-game currencies. If you drill in the game, you will know the other currency of gems.

  • As a reward, you win doubles with the coins you already disbursed with that entry fee. It also increases your kitty.
  • Just like any other game in the genre, trophy count is similar to your overall ranking. Winning matches boosts your rank and you can unlock new, exciting tournaments.
  • There is a lot of high stake in these games and hence, the rewards are more as well. You need to remember that you can’t farm the initial tournament forever because it can yield up to of twenty trophies at the maximum.

On the fixtures

The gold matches are pretty straightforward. The player, who gets the ball in the hole using the minimum number of shots, ultimately wins. If both plays the same number of shots, then the match leads to a tiebreaker. Here, the one who places the ball closest to the target clinches the title. You get chests after winning games. They open after a certain time and provide gems, coins, upgrade cards and similar stuff.