Difference between Boosters and Power ups in Homescapes

Lots of us gets confused about whether to use boosters or power ups in the homescapes game. Which one is better and what is affordable booster or power ups?

In today’s blog, we will be discussing about this whole issue and will be learning what to use and what to not or preserve for harder levels.


So let us find out some of the major difference between Boosters & Power ups of homescapes game.

Major Differences between boosters and power ups in homescapes game

Below mentioned table will help you recognizing the boosters and power ups with their characteristics.


Power Ups

·         There are total 5 types of boosters available in the homescapes game.

·         Rainbow ball, Double Planes, Bomb and Rockets, Hammer & SledgeHammer.

·         You cannot create boosters.

·         You need to purchase boosters or win them from various in game activities.

·         You can use coins to buy boosters.

·         You can save boosters to use them later in hard levels.

·         There are 4 types of power ups available in the game.

·         Rockets, Bombs, Paper planes, Rainbow Ball.

·         You can create power ups during the match 3 level playing.

·         Match 4 and more elements to create power ups, you cannot buy power ups.

·         Power ups cannot be won either.

·         You cannot save power ups to use them in hard levels later on.


As above table shows the major differences between boosters and power ups, I hope you are now clear about what are boosters and power ups and which the affordable thing to use in the game is.

As far as boosters are concern, you can buy any number of boosters in the game with the exchange of in game coins. You can also win boosters from in game events and achievements done by you as a reward.

Whereas neither we can buy power ups nor we can win them in game events. The only way to use power ups is that you have to create them by matching elements in the match 3 levels itself.

By the way, earning coins to get boosters is the only way to collect them and use them whenever you want. To know how to get free coins in homescapes game, this site is a best way to get explained the topic better.

If you need further more information regarding any topic of this game, just ping me with comments and I will do my best to let you know more about this wonderful game. Happy gaming.