Walking Dead Road To Survival – Beneficial Things You Should Know


Take decision wisely

If you are searching for a good role-playing game then Walking Dead Road to Survival is the best option. By this particular game, you are able to get different type of entertaining stuff. In game, players are playing the role of survivor that needs to kill zombies continuously.

For playing the game properly and more effectively, you should choose the way of upgraded weapons. It is possible by upgrading the survivor and unlocks different kinds of skills. All decisions in the game are taken by you because you are playing the role of team leader.

In case, you take any wrong decision or choose incorrect path then it may cost very high for you and your team. In this particular condition, opponents may cause lots of damage on your team. You should think and evaluate the complete situation before taking a final decision.

Similarly, you are required to focus on various things before finalizing any decision related to game currency. It is hard to earn the big amount in game ways. If you are availing the services of the walking dead road to survival hack no survey then you can spend currency freely.

Important factors for victory in game

When you are entering in any fight or battle at that time never ignore the factor of elements. Every element has one strong point and one weak point regarding other elements. You should check that which element is against you and it is weak or not.

In case of zombies, you are not required to deal with any type of element. This thing provides a relaxation while facing or fighting with zombies. Some rare zombies have an element and you need to deal with them carefully. These types of zombies are very powerful.


There are some equations available related to these elements and you need to keep them in mind while playing the game. Blue element is stronger than red and red contains more strength compare to green one. When it comes to yellow then it can easily beat blue element.

In case of green element, every player has an opportunity or plus point in front of yellow element. These are some stats of elements, you should read them carefully and it will help you in dominating opponent easily.

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Best strategy to save game funds

When another player raids on your town at that time he/she is capable to steal the available amount of currency. In this way, you are required to implement the best strategy by which you can save game money easily.

If you get success in saving game funds then there are two benefits avail by you. The first benefit is, raider do not steals your money and you are not required to put effort again. The second thing is, you can use the food & material in rainy season when the collection of currency is very hard.

For it, best strategy is you should not claim the mission and achievement rewards. In this way, funds are not transferred to storage units and not available for raider.