Football Strike – The Best Ever Football Game


If you are a football game fanatic, then Football Strike is the best match for you to play. Miniclip Games create Football Strike and it has lots of different things that usually a football game can have.

Football Strike is a Free to play a real-time multiplayer game, which means the game is designed to play with the real-time player versus player mode.

If you have played 8 Ball Pool game, then you know what I mean about real-time gaming.

What is different in Football Strike Game?

There are only two basic gameplays given by Miniclip, one is called as Shooting Race and Second Is Free Kick.

In Shooting Race, we need to hit the ball to a target given under the goal post. It is the multiplayer game so, the one who will hit all the targets accurately will win the match.

In Free Kick, you are given 5 chances to hit the goal in the post where your opponent is defending it. After your first kick, this process goes vice versa for you.

What Else Is Useful In Football Strike?

Coins and cash are the premium currencies of this game, By using coins, you can have a bet match against your opponent same like we do in 8 Ball Pool. Cash can be used to purchase other stuff for your player in the game. Like players jersey, shorts, shoes and other things useful in a game.

There is one change in the game made by Miniclip. In 8 ball pool, Even if you are out of coins, you can play a match with your cash. But here in Football Stars, you cannot use cash instead of coins to play matches. You can only use cash to either open premium bags or to purchase stuff for your player.

What if I’m Out of Coins?

If you don’t have sufficient amount of cash and coins in the game, You can simply get them for free. You can get free coins from the game by every hour and also you can achieve free cash by completing game achievements easily.

Further, if you need more cash and coins, you can opt online solutions for this also. You can use Football Strike Hack No Survey option for this. There are lots of options available for you to get customized sources for your account.

Is This a Core Game To Play?

If you are a hard-core gamer and you like to play intense games, then this game is not for you. There are lots of other games which are fully intense and dedicated to sports like Madden Mobile or NBA Live Mobile from EA Sports. You can try them also.

But if you are a casual gamer or a fan of classic football, then you are going to love this game for sure. Football Strike is more fun and entertaining game. It is not a full-fledged football game. But you can surely entertain yourself for hours and hours with this game.

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