Did you know Homescapes Game Launched by Playrix?


Playrix really makes very good games friends, yesterday I was searching for new games to play and while roaming around, I saw a new game called Homescapes. The moment I saw this game, I remembered about Gardenscapes.

I was so excited, so I download and gone through the game intro. It was nothing but the home designing version of Gardenscapes. But the game is built very great and graphics are really amazing.

A Short Storyline of Game

So, I started playing it further. The storyline of the game is, you remember that Austin from Gardenscapes? Yes, one day he was thinking about his childhood, and reminding his childhood’s memories. Suddenly he thought about his old home where he used to live with his parents.

There were lots of good memories he lived in his home with his parents, So he started missing those days and decided to go to his old home again, his parents are still living in that home.

When he come back to his home, he noticed that his house has become very dirty because of no one was taking care of it and also his parents are too old to do so.

That’s How Game Starts Becoming Interesting

In the game, your part is to help Austin the butler to redecorate his home. You will have to complete various tasks to earn money for Austin. This will help him to replace his old furniture of the house with new once.

There are lots of rooms available in Austin’s home. You have to redesign all of them by levelling up in the game and gaining more resources to unlock those rooms in the future.

For this purpose you need to earn lots of stars, coins and lives by completing various tasks. To get new stuff for Austin’s home. But you can also take a shortcut and purchase all of those by using your real life money.

If you are still need another freeway instead of completing tasks or paying for the game, then you can also use homescapes guide to get all the resources for free. By the way, it does not mean you should use homescapes coins generator though.

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Using Online Solutions for Game

This tool is becoming very popular among the gamers who are playing this game. I am also one of them by the way. You can obtain lots of stars and coins to invest them in Austin’s home and redecorate it as per your imagination.

You can make home more luxurious as there are lots of standard stuff available to choose but it will cost you more.

The game is all about decorating the home, unlocking various areas and rooms. Collecting various stuff for the home to renew it and much more.

It is a fun game and the only difference in Homescapes and Gardenscapes is that, in Homescapes, you are decorating your home. And in Gardenscapes, you are decorating your garden.

Please let me know how did you find this game, Is this more fun for you than Gardenscapes? Or just like same?

Please comment down and suggest me which game you would like me to review for you?



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