Flip Master – Amazing Game from Miniclip


Hello friends, am back with my new game review called Flip Master. This game is introduced by Miniclip the World’s Largest Privately Owned Online Gaming Company.

If you are a player of world’s biggest pool game 8 Ball Pool, then you must have already tried Flip Master Game.

This game is totally based on trampoline. For those who don’t know what trampoline is, it is a round shaped platform with net attached to its bottom and people jumps on it and perform various flips and stunts on it while jumping.

In Flip Master, you will be given a character and his name is The Dude. Isn’t its interesting name? There are more 5 characters you can choose. Those are The Dudette, Big Dave, The Ninja, The Old Dude, The Dog. And the dog is a real dog it’s not just a name.

To get these characters you need real life money. Those characters are really amazing and those names really suits them. Everyone will try to get them but I think they cost very high and that is why very few will get a chance to get them. But not to worry, there is a source where you can get those characters for free and that is Flip Master Online Hack. I just tried there service and it really worked for me.

If you also want a premium currency of Flip Master Game, then you can also try this service. It’s free of cost and anyone with a real game user identity can get them. Try and let me know whether it worked for you too.

There are also some boosters offered by the game which you can use to boost your character. So that it will perform better on the trampoline.

There are boosters or Powerups like Coin Magnet which can pull more coins while you jump on trampoline, you can use it by investing 1 Gold for this.

Superspin also good one booster which lets you spin while you are in the air. It runs of 90 Seconds and you can buy this by spending around 300 Coins.

Superjump can be used to jump 50% higher to your current jump. It also runs for 90 Seconds. You can buy it for 300 Coins

Coin Rain is a best Booster which will let you rain the coins for 90 seconds while you are jumping. But it will cost you around 2 Gold’s.

Gold is a premium currency of the game, so that it will be only obtained by purchasing them by using your real life currencies. Overall this game is nice to play and you can easily get addicted to it, if you invest even 5 minutes of playing this.

There are also various locations given in the game where you can perform on the trampoline. Your default location is your backyard and to change your current location, you have multiple options like,

Backyard Double

Circus Stage

School Gym

Trampoline Park

The Wall Pit

School Weekend

Mountain Side

Mountain Top


Gym Trampoline

These are the locations which you can use to play and perform. You have to buy these locations also by your real money. Overall, there are lots of things, you need to purchase to unlock and play in this game. It makes this game more expensive to play. But still it worth to play the game because it’s addictive and time bursting.